The 407 ETR and O.P.P. are conducting a road safety campaign. Here’s a quote from the campaign:

“Let’s have a safe and enjoyable summer!

To help keep everyone safe on the road this summer, we would like to share a few important safety tips:

Move Over…It’s the Law

The move over law was enacted to ensure safety for all emergency vehicle operators.

The law requires that all motorists in the same direction as the stopped vehicle must move over to clear the lane adjacent to the stopped vehicle. If you are unable to move over, you must slow down and pass with caution.

Failing to move over or slow down can cost you money and three demerit points.

Stay Alert to Emergency Vehicles!

Secure Your Load

The O.P.P Officers of Highway 407 ETR Detachment are proud partners in safety with 407 ETR.

This summer, we want to help prevent debris on the highway which poses a series safety risk to motorists, including motorcycles and the workers who clear the road.”

Summer safety tips from 407 ETR: