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Ontario Pediatric (Child) Injury Lawyers


How Do I Know If I Have a Viable Pediatric Injury Claim?

It is overwhelming when your child  experiences a serious injury. You and your child are not only dealing with the medical consequences  of the injury, but you are also trying to determine whether or not you have a viable pediatric injury claim. You should contact a personal injury lawyer for advice if:

  • You are concerned there was negligence resulting in an injury to your child after they received medical care or the child was with a caregiver
  • Your child was at school when the injury occurred
  • Medical records indicate that the child’s injury was caused by negligence

Strype Has The Experience

Strype Injury Law consists of highly experienced trial lawyers who have represented clients in more than 250 trials. We understand what it takes to be successful in proving liability when a pediatric injury has occurred.

Our lawyers will examine every aspect of the case and work with our highly experienced team of medical professionals to obtain the information and insight we need to secure a successful post-injury settlement and/or accident benefits.


How a Personal Injury Lawyer can Help you in the Event of a Pediatric Injury

Strype Personal Injury Lawyers will negotiate  with insurance companies and refer you to  our extensive network of medical professionals to ensure your child receives the right treatment for a pediatric injury.

We will  be your advocate and negotiate or litigate for as long as it takes for you to receive a reasonable settlement. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you receive all available benefits (accident, disability, third-party liability, or tort).

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