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Ontario Critical Illness Lawyers


Navigating Recourse for Critical Illness

You may be entitled to benefits if you sustained a serious physical or psychological injury and have an insurance policy covering critical illness. Critical illness insurance helps to pay for the variety of expenses (home care, rehabilitation, etc.) that a person with serious illness may need on an ongoing basis or on their journey to recovery.


Potential Critical Illness Claims Denial Reasons

  • The insurance company may deny critical illness insurance if it feels:

  • The claimant has misrepresented their injuries
  • The claimant failed to disclose previous medical history
  • The policy doesn’t define sustained injury as severe

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help you with Critical Illness Claims

Strype Personal Injury Lawyers will negotiate  with insurance companies and refer you to our extensive network of medical professionals to ensure you  receive the best treatment for your  critical illnesses. 

With regards to critical illness, we can also help with:

  • The process of filing a claim
  • The process of appealing a denied claim (if necessary)

We can also help with timely access to medical services in an effort to prevent further injury or degeneration of your condition.

We will be your advocate and negotiate or litigate for as long as it takes for you to receive a reasonable settlement. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you receive all available benefits (accident, disability, third-party liability, or tort).

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