Back to School Road Safety Campaign

Back to School Road Safety Campaign Kicks off: Police departments across the Greater Toronto Area are reminding pedestrians and motorists to be vigilant crossing the street and in school zones as thousands of students head back to class this week.

Special attention will be paid to distracted drivers with a new set fine of $490 and three demerit points.


Councillor Norm Kelly wants pedestrians to give drivers the finger

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New Ontario Road Safety Rules

New Ontario road safety rules and distracted driving fines come into effect.

TORONTO – New Ontario road safety regulations come into effect Tuesdays and provincial officials are reminding motorists that you can face hefty fines if they are disobeyed.

On Sept. 1, amendments to the Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act include increased fines for distracted driving, a requirement to maintain a one-metre distance when passing cyclists and the inclusion of tow trucks in the Slow Down, Move Over law.

The bill also requires that drivers wait until pedestrians completely cross the road at school crossings and at crosswalks with pedestrian-operated crossing lights.

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