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Takata Recalls in Canada

Takata airbags: About 1.5 million recalls listed in Canada

Number of recalls grows as manufacturers list cars that need defective airbags replaced

So far 1.95 million cars have been recalled in Canada to replace Takata airbags. (Duane Burleson/Associated Press).

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Manufacturers must have quality control systems in place to prevent defective products from entering the market. They also need to provide adequate directions and warning labels to protect consumers.

When a dangerous or defective product injures an unwary consumer, one or more of the manufacturer, designer, distributor, wholesaler or retailer will be considered legally liable as long as the consumer was using the product as it was meant to be used when he or she was injured.

Strype Barristers LLP is experienced in helping determine who bears responsibility for product or manufacturing defects or inadequate warnings and information and then pursuing those responsible for the damages that their negligence has caused consumers.

In the light of recent massive auto industry product recalls and resulting lawsuits, Strype Barristers is ready to pursue those responsible for the damages that their negligence has caused you.

Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents Law Firm: Representing Riders

It’s that time of the year again!

Bicycles and motorcycles are back on Toronto streets. Unfortunately, this time of the year shows an increase in serious road accidents involving bicycles and motorcycles.

With the addition of bicycle lanes to its streets, the city of Toronto is promoting the use of bicycles and other forms of alternative transportation. In some cases, this has caused confusion amongst motorists that can lead to serious accidents involving life-changing catastrophic injuries.

Whether on a motorcycle or a bicycle, if you have suffered injuries as a result of negligent motorists, you could be entitled to government-regulated accident benefits through your own automotive insurance policy as well as other benefits.

In some personal injury cases, injury victims find it difficult to obtain rehabilitation and compensation for injuries.

The bike accident trial lawyers at Strype Injury Lawyers can help you get results.

Motorcycle accidents often result in devastating injuries that can end careers and change lives forever.

In addition to accident benefits and disability benefits, you may be entitled to additional benefits if you are not at fault in your accident. You may have a claim against the driver, known as a tort claim, who was responsible for the accident. We will work closely with you, making sure you understand all of the benefits available to you beyond your insurance.

Unfortunately, there can be a perception that bicycle and motorcycle riders are reckless and that accidents and resulting injuries are inevitable. We will make a thorough case on your behalf, striving to clearly absolving you of liability and demonstrate your short term and long-term need for rehabilitation and compensation.