Surgical Errors, Faulty Products, & Hip Replacement

During a surgery, several errors can occur. The surgery might be performed incorrectly, steps might be missed or the incorrect organs get removed.

Surgical errors can also encompass the use of faulty products in the surgery itself, including:

Defective hip replacements

Our firm is experienced in helping determine who bears responsibility for product or manufacturing defects or inadequate warnings and information and then pursuing those responsible for the damages that their negligence has caused consumers. For example: If you have a question or concern regarding your surgery, and you feel that faulty products might have been used, it is in your best interest to contact a skilled lawyer immediately.


Three of the main reasons for surgical error lawsuits are the following:

  • Surgery that fell below the standard of care
  • Surgery that was not required
  • Incompetent assistants on surgical staff

If you have been advised that the components of your hip replacement have broken down such that you require a subsequent hip replacement – you may be entitled to substantial benefits for damages against the hip component manufacturer.

Defective pacemakers

Defective stents

Defective heart valves

Strype Injury Law is always willing to take your case to trial. If your case cannot be settled for a fair amount, then we will fight for you in the courts to get the award you deserve. If you or a family member has fallen victim to medical malpractice, we encourage you to contact our surgical error lawyers to learn about your options and the possibility of recovering monetary compensation.