Shoulder Dystocia

When birth injuries occur as a result of negligent medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and hospital staff, the results can be devastating.

Injuries such as shoulder dystocia can be life-changing, both for injury victims and their families.

At Strype Injury Law, we understand the stress and fear you are struggling with and will work to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.




Our shoulder dystocia lawyers have extensive experience, having represented clients throughout Ontario in more than 250 personal injury and wrongful death trials. Whether a doctor’s mistake, nurse’s error or hospital negligence is responsible for your child’s shoulder dystocia, we will work diligently to hold negligent parties accountable for the damage they have caused.

Shoulder Dystocia Is a Preventable Injury

This condition is caused by an infant’s shoulder becoming lodged in the mother’s pelvic area during birth. When this occurs, it is the physician’s responsibility to take swift action to free the baby from the birth canal quickly and carefully. When a difficult passage occurs, it can result in a lack of oxygen which can lead to other birth injuries such as cerebral palsy.

Other complications can arise from a doctor failing to exercise care in freeing the infant, including brachial plexus injuries, Erb’s palsy and paralysis of individual body parts.

In any situation involving an infant becoming stuck during birth, there are proper procedures that a physician must follow. If a physician failed to do so and shoulder dystocia occurred as a result, it is important to consult one of our lawyers to learn more about your legal options.

Time Is a Critical Factor.

A medical malpractice claim must be brought within two years from the date you knew or should have known a potential injury occurred.