Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers

Injuries caused by slips and falls can have long-lasting effects.

If the slip and fall injuries are the results of a negligent individual, municipality or business, an injury victim can make a claim for compensation for their injuries and ongoing treatments.

Woman fallen down on icy street in winter.

At Strype Injury Law, our experienced personal injury trial lawyers act quickly to protect the rights of slip and fall accident victims and maximize the rehabilitation and compensation that is available to them. Because there is often no obvious source of insurance compensation in these cases, obtaining benefits can be difficult.


There are a number of varying deadlines for bringing legal action in slip-and-fall accident cases and missing a deadline can result in a person losing the right to pursue a claim.

In cases involving private property, injury victims have two years to bring a claim. In cases involving public property, the time frame can be much shorter. In some municipalities, it is as short as seven days after the accident.

Timing Is Important in Slip-and-Fall Cases

With the difficulty of obtaining benefits in these cases it is important to bring a personal injury law suit forward as quickly as possible after the injury occurs. The sooner the process begins, the sooner treatment can be sustained.

Steps you should take after a Slip and Fall

1. Gather evidence such as witness name and telephone numbers. Take pictures of area you fell on or have someone do it for you.

2. Report the incident to a property manager, homeowner, storekeeper etc. If they have a form they fill out, get a copy.

3. Seek medical attention (an ambulance may be called for you) OR go to an emergency department or see your family doctor immediately afterwards.

4. Keep a copy of all medical reports and receipts.

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