Disability Insurance Claims

The termination of insurance benefits can leave you without income and without access to medical and rehabilitation therapies for significant periods of time.

At Strype Injury Law we work to regain your benefits from the insurers and to assure that these benefits continue.


Disability insurance benefits: wheelchair


Usually, at the two year anniversary of your claim, when the definition of employment changes from “your” job to “any” job, your disability carrier cuts off your disability payments on the basis that you are able to do some type of job consistent with your education, training and experience and usually this is arbitrary and contrary to your own physician’s diagnosis and prognosis.

We also assist our clients with Canada Pension Plan Disability appeals in cases where our clients have been injured in accidents or are receiving long-term disability benefits. Our team represents our clients at disability hearings and appeal boards to fight to obtain their rightful benefits.

At Strype Injury Law, we’ve been successful in forcing insurance companies to reinstate disability benefits for our clients retroactively to the date of denial, with interest.

We have also negotiated settlements with insurers to cover the payment of past and future benefits on a cash, lump sum basis.